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Finding Domain Controller fails

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Topic: Finding Domain Controller fails
Posted By: ivcube
Subject: Finding Domain Controller fails
Date Posted: 17 Apr 2008 at 8:32am
Hi all,

I'm trying to migrate locally stored profiles from an AD w2k domain to Samba on SuseLinux Enterprise Server 10 and the pdc on samba can't be found.

I have read the faq/manuals, searched for samba, pdc, fail in these forums(working on this for 16h already) and:

the samba pdc is wins and registered
the sambapdc and its ipaddress is in lmhosts (marked #DOM and #PRE) and hosts on the client
The user doing the migrate is Domain Admin for both domains and his profile is not involved.
firewalls are not the problem!
we are in one single broadcastzone.

The client CAN resolve \\sambapdcname and can netstat -a \\sambapdcname which clearly outputs sambapdcname<1B> meaning, that \\sambapdcname is the PDC for the samba domain.
I can however find no evidence of Profwiz trying to find out, who the pdc is? Wireshark shows neither outgoing DNS traffic asking for SRV records nor is there any evidence of NBNS asking for <1B>. (trying this from within a VM, so I can be sure to see all traffic at the VM-host)

The client is already a member of the sambadomain, so enumerating the pdc shouldn't be impossible ;-)

To the AUTHORS: which techniques did you imnplement for finding the pdc in the target domain? Do you have an idea of why they all fail in my case?


Posted By: Support
Date Posted: 17 Apr 2008 at 10:11am
I'm sorry that you are having so much trouble. The answer to your question is that User Profile Wizard doesn't do anything out of the ordinary to find the DC. In the case of a Samba domain it will make a standard Windows API call to - NetGetDCName()
Are you running Profile Wizard from the GUI or the command line? What build are you using?

Posted By: ivcube
Date Posted: 18 Apr 2008 at 4:40pm
THX for that question! I redownloaded the zip, got an other version obviously (of the free GUI prorgram) and now it works! Puh.

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