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Mess o' Junk in Registry and Profile

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Topic: Mess o' Junk in Registry and Profile
Posted By: IT Guy
Subject: Mess o' Junk in Registry and Profile
Date Posted: 20 May 2008 at 10:53am
An IT vendor of ours used TransWiz to migrate user profiles from old workstations to replacement workstations, and we ended up with a whole mess of junk on the new machines. So instead of a nice, clean install, we got brand new machines that have required a lot of work to clean out old, unnecessary registry information, program add-ins for programs that don't exist on the new machines, etc., many of which caused a variety of system errors. Particularly problematic has been startup items from the old configuration that had to be disabled, one by one, via msconfig.
We also had to clean out a bunch of stuff in the Application Data folders for nonexistant applications.
Is it possible to use TransWiz to select what information you want to migrate, rather than simply the entire User Profile? Any suggestions?

Posted By: Support
Date Posted: 20 May 2008 at 3:00pm

From what you describe, the Transfer Wizard worked exactly as it is supposed to do! One person's Mess o' Junk is another person's essential configuration data Smile

No it's not possible to select what information you want to migrate - although that is something we'll think about. Most folks will reinstall the same software on their new machine as their old machine. The Transfer Wizard is designed to move a profile from one machine to another machine with basically the same applications. It can also migrate profiles to machines with newer versions of Windows and newer versions of the same applications, such as office.

Thanks for the feedback.

Posted By: IT Guy
Date Posted: 20 May 2008 at 3:12pm
Thanks for the quick response.
Yes, I was impressed with how complete the migration was, but very quickly realized it was a mistake to use it to move to substantially different hardware, and even with modestly different software on that hardware. Perhaps you can update your FAQ with some advice and wisdom on the best way to migrate in such circumstances, and/or make clear that unintended consequences (TM!) can result if the new machine will be configured with different software -- especially if software that existed on the old machine will not exist on the new one. Especially preinstalled hardware-vendor utilities.
And if you consider a new version, it'd be swell to have some part of the wizard allow you to tick off boxes for stuff you don't want to migrate (say, in the Application Data folder and in the startup config).
Thanks much,
IT Guy
P.S. I am boxing up our Mess O' Junk and sending it to you. The outside of the box says "HANDLE WITH CARE: ESSENTIAL CONFIGURATION DATA ENCLOSED" Wink

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