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Windows 10 User Profile Manager 2.7 support

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Topic: Windows 10 User Profile Manager 2.7 support
Posted By: BSU_Tech
Subject: Windows 10 User Profile Manager 2.7 support
Date Posted: 05 Sep 2017 at 2:13pm
Does anyone know; will "User Profile Manager" ever support Windows 10 build 1607 or later?? Build 1511 will end of life in October. We are receiving the error message below:

"Simultaneous sign ins using the same profile are not currently supported on this version of Windows. Sign out the current user of the profile before continuing."

Is this possibly related to Win 10 build versions?


Posted By: Support
Date Posted: 06 Sep 2017 at 5:59am
At the time of writing, the current release of User Profile Manager, 2.7.1040, fully supports all versions of Windows 10 up to and including the Creators Update (version 1703.)

The “Simultaneous sign ins” issue is not related to the build of Windows 10 you are using. It can occur on any version of Windows 10.

Because Windows 10 uses UWP Apps for key parts of the Operating System, such as the Start Menu and Search, and because UWP Apps must be registered for each individual user, only one user can be signed-in to a profile at any one time. When you sign-in to Windows 10, User Profile Manager checks to see whether another user is using the profile. One way it does this is to see whether the user registry file (ntuser.dat) is locked by another process. If the registry file is in use, you will see the “Simultaneous sign ins” warning.

After testing with the help of a customer university, we confirmed that Windows 10 can lock the ntuser.dat file whether or not a user is actually signed-in and using the profile. (It may be that Windows is doing some updates at this point.) As a result you can see the “Simultaneous sign ins” message even though a user is not signed in to the profile.

It is not trivial to determine whether the ntuser.dat file is locked because it is loaded for a user who is signed in, or whether it is loaded by the System, although it is certainly possible. What we need to determine, however, is if User Profile Manager can still work correctly if the System is already accessing the user registry. Our development team are looking at that.

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