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Defprof Win10 Side Effects?

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Topic: Defprof Win10 Side Effects?
Posted By: Olagg
Subject: Defprof Win10 Side Effects?
Date Posted: 07 Feb 2018 at 5:34pm
Weird issue with Windows 10 Pro 1709 after Defprof installed.

Random 3rd party applications (mainly Sage Accounts, Payroll) annoyingly minimise or 'send themselves to the back of open windows' when you print.

i.e 3 applications open and what ever application you leave to open up Sage is brought to the front once sage report designer has printed.

If you press Windows + D to get a empty desktop then open and print from Sage everything is ok issue only appears when you leave an application i.e word/excel then print from Sage once printing has finished the last application is brought to the front of the display, on top of the Sage app.

When you print the printer dialogue is presented and the issue only happens when you print and the job is submitted to the printer, you get a small windows print dialogue (similar to what you see in notepad). Once this dialogue closed the last application appears at the front of the display.

I can confirm that this issue only happens when I install Defprof. I have tested it with and without Defprof installed and the issue only appears after Defprof has been installed. Effects all user profiles old and new. Uninstalling the Defprof service has no impact at all.

Any ideas what could be causing this?


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