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How does Transwiz deal with links

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Topic: How does Transwiz deal with links
Posted By: RichardKorry
Subject: How does Transwiz deal with links
Date Posted: 19 May 2019 at 7:37pm
I have an C: drive ssd and a D: drive HDD.
My photos and movies are all on the D: with links/shortcuts from the C: to the D:.
My new machine has a bigger C: ssd and same sized D: HDD.

Will Transwiz put my photos in the new D: like before or will it not understand the link and attempt to put all of the content in the new C: and run out of space?

If the latter is there any way to let Transwiz know what I want it to do? If not, I'll just pull the D: drive from my old machine and put it into the new machine and clone the drive.


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