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log on script not working after ProfWiz migration

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Topic: log on script not working after ProfWiz migration
Posted By: mikeli23
Subject: log on script not working after ProfWiz migration
Date Posted: 17 Oct 2019 at 10:28am
Good day everyone, we raised new Windows AD environment at customer site.Also we have samba file server, where customer authentification is done by AD. Prior to this customer used local accounts on their PCs. I created AD account for all of them, organised them in OUs, and every OU got Logon Script which maps users department folder as network drive on users PC. When I joined customer PCs to domain and they logged with their credentials, all shares mapped automatically with no problems. Than I decided to use profwiz and move local accounts to new domain accounts so that domain users can se programs and data from local user. I used profwiz, but after migration, drives are not mapped automatically any more. When I copy the script and run it manually on customer pc which is migrated to domain, script runs perfectly.

example of th script code is:

net use Q: /delete
net use Q: \\10.x.x.x\IT Department   

//it department is shared folder, and domain user has all sufficient rights on it

Have you had similar Problem?


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