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Domain to workgroup migration

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Topic: Domain to workgroup migration
Posted By: Guests
Subject: Domain to workgroup migration
Date Posted: 13 Feb 2011 at 2:25pm

I am looking for a tool or a reliable set of steps that will properly migrate a domain user profile to a workgroup profile on our Windows 7 machines. We are moving our small company into a full cloud based solution as we no longer want to deal with colo/hw/sw/licensing maintenance and the cloud has become a viable alternative. At some point we will have no domain controller and will need to switch our users laptops from domain computers to workgroup computers. I would like very much to be able to migrate the users domain profiles to local profiles as opposed to starting them over from scratch. Searches have so far not turned up solid and definitive solutions. W7 easy grandest wants to just copy the profile to the same exact profile. Manually switching the registry profile path doesn't deal properly with permissions. I have still to test USMT. Commercial options would also be considered if I could just find one!

Any thoughts or suggestions would be gratefully appreciated!


Posted By: Support
Date Posted: 14 Feb 2011 at 4:24am


User Profile Wizard can certainly migrate a domain account profile to a local user account. It will not create the local account for you - you will need to do that in advance - but once the local account is created you just choose the local machine name from the "Enter the domain" drop-down box on the "User Account Information" page and enter the local account name.

Also User Profile Wizard will not unjoin the machine from the domain - you will have to do this separately.

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 14 Feb 2011 at 6:18pm
Great, thanks.

I am assuming that the order of steps would be:

1 - Create local user
2 - transfer profile
3 - Leave domain

Is this correct?

Thanks again!

Posted By: Support
Date Posted: 15 Feb 2011 at 3:40am
Correct Smile

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