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Def Prof - Phantom Icon

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Topic: Def Prof - Phantom Icon
Posted By: daonesock
Subject: Def Prof - Phantom Icon
Date Posted: 14 Jan 2014 at 1:51pm
Can you tell me where defprof copies the desktop contents from?

I ask because, I have gone into the profile of the user to be copied and removed the Google Chrome shortcut from the desktop and even made sure it wasnt on the desktop of any user on the machine nor the "Public Desktop", but once I use defprof to copy the profile, The icon comes back on every new profile created.

I searched the entire disk and couldnt find that shortcut file. Perhaps this is chrome creating it?

Any help would be greatly apreciated.


Posted By: Support
Date Posted: 16 Jan 2014 at 8:19am
We see the same thing. Even if the shortcut is deleted from the default profile, it is recreated the first time a user logs on. We haven't determined what process recreates it.

Posted By: daonesock
Date Posted: 16 Jan 2014 at 8:45am
Well i figured out what is going on. On first run of Chrome (which seems to be triggered just by creating a profile) a Chrome shortcut is created if the following file doesnt exist:

c:\users\default\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\firstrun (no file extension)

So the only way to combat this is to add this folder structure and file AFTER defprof is run.

This is an annoying way to do it but it gets the job done.

Hope this helps others.

Thanks for your prompt reply and help!

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