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User Profile Wizard Release Notes

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Topic: User Profile Wizard Release Notes
Posted By: Support
Subject: User Profile Wizard Release Notes
Date Posted: 10 Sep 2020 at 3:46am
Release 20 

Er… First, what ever happened to version 3.20?

Well, up to now we have been dutifully following Microsoft’s version numbering system. Unfortunately, this has lead to some confusion along the lines of I’m using version 3.8, but I see the current release is version 3.19, how come the current version number is lower than my version? To which the answer was the latest version is Three-Nineteen, not Three-One-Nine. But you know what? Life’s too short, so we have switched to the Firefox idea of just numbering releases. Happy?

So what’s new?
The biggest change is that User Profile Wizard has switched to using PowerShell scripting; vbscripts are no more. The software comes with some Pre-Installed PowerShell scripts, suitable for most occasions, but you can of course BYOS. (Bring Your Own Script.)

Along with PowerShell, the Deployment Kit organizes your deployment files in a slightly different way, collecting your deployment files in a Project folder so they are easier to manage.

To further enhance what can be done with scripting, Profwiz.exe supports a new /SOURCEPROFILE command line parameter that enables you to directly specify the profile folder you want to migrate. This enables you to avoid problems caused by Windows being unable to resolve a user account SID to a user account name: for example if you a migrating from Azure AD. The Pre-Installed Migrate-BySid.ps1 script uses this new parameter.

Where are you going with this?
Our intention now is to concentrate on command-line migrations using PowerShell. Depending on your feedback User Profile Wizard may become a command-line only tool in future.

Posted By: DarrenDK
Date Posted: 12 Dec 2020 at 2:31pm
I am 100% on board with this direction!! Creating multiple configuration files has been a massive source of pain. I'd love to help contribute in any way I can with existing PowerShell I've written for profwiz.

Posted By: Support
Date Posted: 27 Feb 2021 at 3:10pm
Release 22

The whole world seems to be moving to Azure AD, and User Profile Wizard is adapting to make it as easy as possible for you to migrate your users to their new Azure AD user accounts.

Built-in Support for Provisioning Packages
As we never tire of telling everyone (!), Microsoft do not offer any programmatic way to join a device to Azure AD. There are therefore, only two ways to do it. Firstly, you can join a computer to Azure AD “manually” using the “Connect” option in “Access work or school” in “Settings”. Or, secondly, you can use a Provisioning Package. If you want to automate joining a device to Azure AD, you have to use a Provisioning Package.

Both the Corporate and Professional Editions of Release 22 have built-in support for running a Provisioning Package. This means you no longer need to use a follow-on script, if you have the Corporate Edition, and Professional Edition users can join a device to Azure AD when migrating profiles for the first time.

The Deployment Kit has been updated to support Provisioning Packages.

Provisioning Packages are not perfect, but they are the only option available. If someone from Microsoft would like to get in touch, we would be very happy to talk!

Office 365 GCC and GCC High Environments
User Profile Wizard now supports migrating to Office 365 GCC and GCC High Environments. For more information, please see the User Guide.

Bugs and Scripts
We have fixed some minor bugs with the GUI and PowerShell scripts. The Migrate-LastLoggedOnUser.ps1 now correctly uses the /SOURCEACCOUNT parameter.

Joining a domain when a migration fails
User Profile Wizard should not go on to join a machine to a domain unless at least one profile has been migrated. There was an inconsistency with the command line, that meant that if you used the /RENAME parameter, this requirement was ignored. This has been corrected. If you still want User Profile Wizard to join the machine to the domain regardless, you can use the /JOIN parameter, or set <ForceJoin> to True in your Profwiz.config file.

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