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Errors Migrating User Profile to New Computer

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Topic: Errors Migrating User Profile to New Computer
Posted By: flatwound
Subject: Errors Migrating User Profile to New Computer
Date Posted: 23 Jul 2023 at 9:28pm
Sorry if this is too much info but hoped it might help figure out what's happening. 
I have a Win10 Home PC that's been in service for many years (2014), so the three user profiles are huge, due to the tons of videos, photos, and recorded seminars my wife and kids have. I tried to just put a copy of the old drive into the new PC but discovered that my new computer's Bios does not support the option of booting a CSM/ Legacy drive (after working with MSI for two weeks). Bing Chat recommended I use Transwiz to move these profiles to the new windows 11 PC I purchased.

I started the move with the largest profile, my wife's, at over 410Gb. I ran Transwiz, copying to a new 1TB USB SSD drive, taking all day and overnight only to discover a "z1b error" (as I recall). I tried it a couple of more times over a couple of days, usually finding a fatal "crc error" message in the morning at file verification step. I scanned the SSD for errors using checkdisk and it is error free. Thinking the file may exceed some Transwiz/ Zip limitation I searched the profile for all mov and mp4 file extensions and relocated those files to another drive, saving about 150Gb. Next attempt yielded the same error, so I enabled "Fast Pack (No Compression)", but this did not help, same error. I continued moving AVI, ac3, 3gp, a few ISO's and the user profile size is down to less than 50Gb. I turned off Kaspersky, ran it again today but it still generates the crc error.

Any idea what's going on? I see that the "No Compression" selection still packs it all to a ZIP file. Perhaps you could add another option to just copy all files to folders, no packing at all, so we can see if there is actually a corrupt file or what is stopping this process! 

Thanks for any suggestions! 

Posted By: flatwound
Date Posted: 24 Jul 2023 at 8:58pm
A Quick Update: The common denominator was the new USB SSD drive, and I hadn't ruled that out yet.  I swapped it out for an old school SATA spinning drive and Transwiz completed with no errors! I'm now on the 3rd and last profile to move and will copy to my old 1TB Passport portable drive for part II.
Lesson learned - just because it's new doesn't mean it's good.  
Thanks Transwiz!

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